May 13, 2008

Lewis is yipping anxiously, asking to be allowed back in.

I am ignoring him.

Of course, he can smell me, maybe even hear me tap the keyboard, so he knows I’m available . . .

It’s interesting how there are definitely different sounds attached to different requests. Full-scaled whining means:

—Feed me.

Silent head-wagging and panting, with a little hoppy dance means:

—I need to go out.

The high yipping (a pretty pathetic sound from such a big dog) means:

—Why haven’t you noticed that I want to come in, for gawd’s sake, I’m dying out here!

Deeper barks are directed at supposed intruders or the squirrel dogs next door. I’m sure there are other subtle alterations that could be eventually delineated. The lexicon is limited, but there are discernible differences.

(Lewis just let out a single little squeak that sounded just like a puppy. He’s obviously very discouraged at this point.)