February 11, 2009

—You’re planning on moving in?

“That hasn’t been decided yet, but it certainly makes a lot of sense, given how much time I spend here anyway.”

—Yes, there’s no doubt I’ve been seeing a lot of you lately.

“And that’s going to change: I’m going to be working, just like She With Whom You Abide, so we’ll both be gone for a large portion of the day.”

—So, you’d be moving in just to spend more time away?

“Something like that.”

—Meaning you’ll need to protect the house with the latest in indoor canine guard technology.

“You’re a technology?”

—Not me specifically, but my methods are extremely up-to-date and advanced technically.

“Care to share those techniques?”

—Trade secrets.

“I never realized napping could be so complicated.”

—You’d be surprised.

“As will you: when I start working, you’ll be performing your highly advanced methods outside.”

—You can’t be serious.

“Oh, but I am.”

—You don’t need a job that badly, do you?

“Oh, but I do: so enjoy your last few days inside.”

—I don’t see how I can as I gaze upon all my future misery.

“Drown your troubles in a nap.”

—Okay, but I won’t enjoy it.