August 26, 2009

“Well, that was truly pathetic, a really sad performance.”

—To what do you refer?

“Remember yesterday . . .”

—Barely . . .

“Obviously. Anyway, you promised to tone down your pre-breakfast hop-fest so as to not annoy She With Whom You Abide as much as you usually do.”

—I did?

“Yes, you did, and yet today you were nearly jumping on the bed and knocking over people.”

—Sorry, but I just get so excited.

“Again, obviously. But explain something to me: it’s the same food, the same biscuit, the same proportions, day after day after day: how can that be exciting?”

—I’m not sure, but how did this whole conversation start?

“I asked you to remember yesterday.”

—And I replied . . . ?

“Ah, you might have something there . . .”