August 13, 2008

[Editor’s Note: On August 12, 2008, Andrea suggests that a book that compiled these conversations with Lewis might be something to consider.]

—You’re writing a book about me?


—I suppose you want to capture in words how well I fulfill the ideal of the All-American Canine Companion, how diligently I pursue my duties, day in and day out, with nary a thought for anything else.

“Yeah, something like that.”

—Do I detect a trace of sarcasm?

“No. No, not at all.”

—Oh yes I do: your denial was definitely sarcastic. I refuse to be made fun of in this so-called book of yours. I have my dignity to consider.

“Believe me, I’ll record every moment of dignity completely and in exact detail.”

—All right then.

“All two of them.”

—I can pee on computers, you know.