August 21, 2008

[Editor’s Note: Familiarizing yourself the August 20, 2008 post will help immeasurably in elucidating what follows.]

“She says you need better material.”


“Yeah, you know, your long-time owner.”

—Dogs aren’t “owned”—we simply abide with certain humans.

“The dog abides?”


“Regardless, She With Whom You Abide thought your dog jokes stunk and said you need better material.”

—Philistines, I’m surrounded by Philistines.

“Right, blame the audience instead of your bad jokes.”

—The dog has no honor in its own household, alas.

“Give me a break: stealing from the Bible now?”

—It isn’t stealing when you thought of it first.


—Well, my species.

“Uh huh, pretty high-falutin’ talk for someone who can’t open a door.”