January 7, 2009

—What’s the deal with She With Whom I Abide?

“It’s all your fault.”


“She was going up the stairs to get you a treat and her knee went out on her in a manner yet to be determined.”

—How’s that my fault?

“Your treat, your fault.”

—She wasn’t really going to get me a treat. Was she?

“Sure. She felt bad you had to stay outdoors so long yesterday.”

—That was indeed terrible.

“Yeah, well, her knee is paying for it.”

—But . . . but . . .

“Ah lighten up: I was just jivin’ ya: the knee thing started weeks ago when she slipped on a hill behind her parents’ house while we were looking for an Xmas tree.”

—Oh. That wasn’t very nice blaming me.

“I know. I apologize.”

—Apology will be accepted along with a biscuit, which will ease my emotional trauma.

“Of course.”