January 20, 2009

[Editor’s Note: This “Lewis Letter” was composed on the day that Barak Obama took the oath of office and was sworn in as the President of the United States for the first time. This date also inaugurated, in this editor’s humble opinion, the beginning of Obama’s betrayal of not only the voters who elected him, but of many of the ideals he claimed to champion. But enough bitterness: let’s see what Lewis had to say.]

“What about you, dog, excited about this historic day?”

—Not really: the new First Dog hasn’t even been chosen yet.

“What do you think of the outgoing First Dog?”


“Yeah, I guess that’s his name.”

—He’s a putz, just like the Idiots He Abided With . . . I could tell you stories.

“Why don’t you?”

—It would be paying him a lot more attention than he deserves.

“Admirable discretion on your part.”

—I think so.

“Okay, then, enjoy your inaugural nap: you’ll be heading outside soon.”


“You know I have an appointment today.”

—During the inauguration?

“It’s not like it’s a national holiday or anything, life goes on, appointments made become appointments kept, and . . .”

—I’m getting really tired of how your life keeps impacting mine in a negative fashion.

“Yeah, what can I say, it can’t be helped. So, on your mark, get set, nap!”