March 30, 2009

“You sure looked worried all weekend.”

—Drastic change is not something that comforts those of us of a canine persuasion.

“I was just moving a bunch of stuff into the house, and She With Whom You Abide was simply moving other stuff elsewhere: what’s the big deal?”


“C’mon, quit being a mope.”

—Well, I suppose we, meaning dogs, get worried that . . . that we’ll get moved during the process.

“You mean, moved out?”


“Moved to a new household?”

—Maybe that, too.

“You thought there might not be room for you?”

—I guess.

“Silly dog, you’re an integral part of the household, we’d never move you. Besides we thought you’d like all the new smells that came with the move.”

—That was a little bit interesting.

“You still look a kind of sad and discombobulated.”

—It has been a nerve-wracking past few days.

“Sorry. Hey, in a few minutes I’ll have a surprise for you.”


“Remember those steaks we had on Friday?”


“There’s one bone left.”

—That would go a long way to making me feel better.