May 18, 2009

—Ahem. . . . . ahem.

“Did you just cough at me?”

—Sort of, just trying to get your attention.


—You’re ignoring me and my . . . our . . . bark.

“Oh yeah, well, I wanted to talk to you about that. See, I think I’ve got enough material, and we seem to be repeating ourselves. There are only so many ways to talk about your love of food and sleep.”

—Don’t you mean vital sustenance and eternal vigilance?

“Of course, how insensitive of me. Anyway, I’m just not sure we have all that much new ground to cover or discover or however you want to describe it.”

— . . .

“So, you’re not talking to me now?”

— . . .

“Don’t look like that. Of course, we’ll still chat and hang out, it’s just that I’m not sure there’s much more to transcribe.”

— . . .

“You’re upset.”

— . . .

“C’mon, don’t pout. I just think I should start putting together all the great material you’ve generated into a more finished, polished state.”

— . . .

“You’re really upset aren’t you? I can tell. Would a biscuit make things easier?”

—Took you long enough.

“Hey, get your nose out of the box: I can’t get you biscuit with your face in the way.”