June 24, 2009

[Editor’s Note: Lewis learns that I have a lot to do.]

—Which means my bark will forever be unbarked.

“Delayed perhaps, but not abandoned.”

—It might as well be abandoned, given how long it takes you to finish things, like that Writers Group project you dithered with for who knows how long.

[Editor’s Note: And with which I’m still dithering!]

“I just like to do things right: rushing things promotes sloppiness.

—At this point, I’d prefer a sloppy finish to never-achieved perfection.

“Yes, your ability to delay gratification is well-known.”

—I live in the moment, for the moment, and I’m not ashamed of it.


—You know what? Stop talking to me and finish whatever you’re going to finish so you can begin procrastinating over my bark again, okay?


—Um, a biscuit while I’m waiting?

“You wish.”