November 23, 2009

—Good just a regular day, you staying home, writing down our conversation, and then . . .

“Oh no, I forgot to write an e-mail and I’ve got to leave in a few minutes.”


“Yeah, it’s a regular day in that we’re both going to work and you’re going outside to protect the domain.”


“Yup, so I’ve got to make this a quick one and then be on my way.”

—Um, couldn’t we reconsider this plan of action?

“Sorry, duty calls.”

—I can protect the house from the inside.

“Right, by napping on the couch.”

—I’d never do anything like that.

“We know: your leaping ability has become compromised.”

—That’s not what I meant.

“One of these days we’ve got to talk about your recent bouts of denial.”

—But it’s cold outside.

“Well, then, protect us from any inclement weather, bark away the snow.”

—A regular day of agony, that’s all I can see.

“Look, I’ll make it worth your while to go outside, even though you’ve already gorged yourself on breakfast.”



—Okay, I’ll do what I can.

“You are so easy: those biscuits must taste fantastic.”

—You have no idea.