September 23, 2008

“So, how was puppy time?”

—Okay, I guess.

“Even after a night’s sleep, you look exhausted.”

—I’m not as young as I used to be, I’ll admit that.

“So, what did you two dogs do?”

—I used the time to instruct the youngster about important dog lore.

“Like how to be completely uncertain about whether you want to be inside or outside?”

—I can’t control events on the outside: sometimes things happen that just have to be investigated.

“Like how to run around like an idiot barking at nothing?”

—I resent that: I’m always barking at something.

“Yeah, like a bird that’s already flown to the next county . . . and what’s all that sniffing about? How often do you have to sniff a dog’s butt? Does it really change minute to minute?”

—The tone in your voice suggests you are only asking these questions to ridicule me. I think it’s time for my morning nap . . . I mean, my morning meditation.