January 28, 2009

—You have your fierce but loyal dog in need of attention, which might get forgotten if you decide to eat out.

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll give you lots of attention, like opening the back door for you before we leave.”

—See, that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid: I meant the attention a loyal dog deserves to have after a hard day’s work: ear scratches, treats, plate licking, treats, ear scratches, treats, stuff like that.

“Which you don’t get enough of, I suppose?”

—I’m not one to complain . . .

“But you’ll violate your policy of non-complaint in the face of the incomprehensible duress that might result if we go out to dinner tonight?”

—Well . . .

“I’d say you should quit while you’re ahead and start your regimen of power napping right now.”

—Okay . . .

“And quit moping: it’s unbecoming.”


“Maybe later.”

—You won’t forget?